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The word “organics” is used to describe products produced in line with organic production procedures which have to be certified by a certification authority or body. At, we offer a great deal of information regarding the best organic products and suppliers in New Zealand.

We try (where possible) to outline all the organic components used in the production of every organic product listed on our website. Asides from the product component, you’ll also find information regarding different cafes where you can get quality organic products at affordable prices.

We know how important it is for processors, organic handlers, and retailers to follow industry standards to maintain the integrity of organic products, that’s why we have taken the time to compile a list of organic products that meet food safety and industry standards in New Zealand.

Before making any purchase off our recommendation, you have to note that organic certification standards are very different from normal food safety standards. With this knowledge, we have been able to compile a list of organic products that meet the food standards that applies to all food sale in New Zealand.

Requirement for organic products

While putting together our list of organic products, cafes and shops, we noticed that there are certain requirements that products have to comply with before they enter the New Zealand market.

For Sellers

To sell organic products in New Zealand, you have to

Ensure the product meets applicable regulatory 
requirements such as dairy, honey, and meat

When labelling and marketing products, you have to
use the term “organic” in compliance with the
Fair Trading Act 1986.

For Export

To export organic products from New Zealand, the product needs to

To meet the regulatory requirements of the type of product, such as dairy, honey, or meat in New Zealand

Be exported under the Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP) and must meet its requirements

Must comply with the market access requirements of the country to which it is being exported, unless the procedure is covered by OOAP

For Import

The standard legal requirements for imported food in New Zealand apply to all organic products imported into the country. Depending on the type of organic product and its final use, there may also be additional requirements.


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