GLO blog

welcome to the GLOblog!

as we close our little online store for the year, after only a couple of months since our launch, we are fizzing with excitement about what we have lined up for you in 2015.

not only do we have innovative and inspiring new products on the way, we have the growth of our GLOblog!

with contributors of knowledge, insight, and huge amounts of motivation to get you on your path to wellness, we are eager to introduce you to our topics that the GLOblog will encapsulate...

  • GLOnourish - a diverse topic covering recipes, tips, inside information and all things nourishment from sources all over the globe.
  • GLOmove - not your average "exercise" platform. a guide to help you move your body as it was born to do!
  • GLOskin - beauty with spirit. products, techniques and tips from brands and people we admire and love.
  • GLOsoul - whether it's meditation intros, breathing lessons or simple stop and appreciate moments, we believe the best life starts with inspiring and moving soul sessions.

have a safe and loving christmas, remember that the best present is your presence and we look forward to seeing you and serving you in the sparkling new year!

wishing you wellness, x st.

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