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GLOskin - strengthening natural hair mask

I recently had some highlights put in my hair as the amount of "tinsel" strands in my raven locks were multiplying faster than I could get to the hairdresser.

I love the result, but, as lightening your hair can be hugely damaging and leave it feeling more straw like than silk like, a repairing routine needs to be added.

without wanting to spend a small fortune on an artificially fragranced pot of gunk, I set to looking into something I would whip up at home.

most homemade hair masks you can find when googling include olive oil, however, I much prefer the beauty benefits of organic coconut, I always have some on hand.

after hair has been colour treated, especially lightened, the strands are left very porous and weak. it needs protein added back in to keep it soft, supple, and strong. the delicious fats from the coconut oil provide all the goodness needed for manageability and shine...without the frizz.

this is great to do on the weekend, or an evening when you've got an uninterrupted 30-45 minutes.

you will need...

  • 2 organic eggs yolks, keep the whites for a lean omelette or something similar.
  • 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil, melted.
  • a few drops of your favourite essential oil (not vital but a nice touch to add to the pampering experience).
  • glad wrap.

what to do...

  • combine the yolks, coconut oil and essential oil all together in a small bowl.
  • wrap a towel around you shoulders to protect your clothes from any mask drips, it can get a little messy.
  • starting at the ends, apply the mask, I just use my hands. work it through and gradually make your way up to the roots of your hair.
  • bundle it up in a bun and wrap your hair up in some glad wrap. this is to keep the warmth in from your head as it will help to keep the strands open to better absorb the goodness.
  • leave the mask on for around 15-20 minutes and then wash off.
  • for extra dry hair, you can work a little more melted coconut oil through the ends. let it dry naturally or style as normal.
  • this is great to do once a week until your hair starts to feel stronger, and then once a month for nourishing maintenance.

my wonderful hairdresser is terri chin at terri & co which you can find here.

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