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GLOnourish - bone broth


if there's one other liquid that we love for delivering maximum nutrition, in addition to our organic, wholefood blends, it's organic bone broth.

many childhood memories revolve around food, and a fond one for us, is a big pot of broth simmering away on the stovetop and mum tending to it over several hours. fast forward many years later and she has a laugh that we are now raving about this age-old liquid gold and passing it on to our kids!

as many of you may well know, the greenleaf organics crew recently grew to include my brother, mike. as well as us having a twin-like closeness, we share a common passion for bringing organic, wholefoods into peoples lives, and it's refreshing to have a male perspective on this exiting business!

bone broth is a no-brainer to us. it has been, and still remains, a staple health tonic for many cultures. providing a bounty of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and in new york, commonly known as jewish penicillin, there's good reason this comforting soup has stuck around.

once kids came into our lives, mike and i, (and our gorgeous partners), set out on a journey to provide them with the very best of nutrition in this overly-processed food society.

it was a matter of coming back to basics, to proven rituals and ways of eating that have stood the test of time. funny how this notion carried over into our own thoughts on nourishment, and also was the catalyst to start greenleaf organics.

bone broth is going off in the U.S. the lakers all sip it, and closer to home, many members of our own national warriors team are chugging back a cup of this primal liquid.

why? well, when you combine the calcium and trace elements pulled from the bone, cartilage, vegetables and sea vegetables (must be organic!),  as they cook, you get an easily digestible, nutrient dense food source. 

amazing for gut health, people with brittle hair and nails, muscle cramps, joint pain, fatigue, bloating, weak immunity and so much more, you can expect to see a whole lot more of this stuff on menus and in stores. just steer clear of the carton variety. the ingredients should contain only all organic, bones, joints, frames, veges, herbs and spices and some sort of vinegar such as apple cider.

oh, and if you're looking for a place to find a premium quality broth, where you can enjoy a nourishing, power cup of your very own, or a jar to take home and share with the family…all your wishes will be grated at the new greenleaf organics store! we will be serving up our own secret family recipe as the ultimate primal health tonic...location to be announced very, very soon. 


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