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the whole juice and nothing but the truth

first up, we want to be clear that we are way more in favor of being pro something rather than against something.

it just so happens, that in our little family-owned business, we are pro smoothies...not against juicing, just pro smoothies...or as we like to call them, organic wholefood blends.

in saying that, i was intrigued to see in the latest, june edition of NEXT magazine, a cover feature piece reading, "the bitter side of juicing".

you see, many of our customers, and i'm sure there is a wider perception that extends beyond our vibrant little community of GLOsters, think we are a juice company, so i felt called to do some clarifying.

without sounding like a food label snob, we gently remind people that we make organic wholefood blends, not juices...and this post is to help explain why...

the NEXT article is really comprehensive in talking about the down-side to juicing in terms of its effects on the body.

but, a little confusion, (and we're pretty sure this is why many wellness seekers are confused themselves), is that there are claims that a blender, as we use, a vitamix, creates a juice, but it then goes on to say that there is no fibre in a juice...i know i know, details schmetails and blah blah blah...but! to blend something means you are using and enjoying the whole food, to juice something, like with the very popular method of cold-pressing, you are stripping the fibre and solids from the produce. make sense?

it also doesn't help when we are being bombarded with infomercials for nutri-bullets and the like claiming...juicing this, get your daily juice that. it's not a juice, its a blend.

don't mind fade just yet, here comes the juicy stuff (hehe)...

so why does greenleaf organics blend and not juice?

three main reasons

  • fibre
  • fat
  • sugar

nobody explains it better than one of our favorite, down-to-earth, keeping it real, health personalities, mark sisson and his incredible blog, 

on his primal site, he is often asked whether juicing is healthy, here's a couple of points he makes...

1 – Juicing isn’t a good idea because you lose out on one of the principle benefits of fruit: the fiber. Fiber aids in digestion, of course, but it also helps keep your blood sugar from spiking. Drinking pure juice has an effect that is really no different from chowing a candy bar or slamming a soda.

Fiber helps regulate the absorption of fructose into your system. If you’ve heard about the glycemic index, you probably already know about the important role fiber plays in evenly releasing glucose into your bloodstream. (If not, check out the official Glycemic Index.)

2 – When you take out the fiber, you’re left with sugar. My readers know I’m no fan of the sweet stuff, especially from sources like high fructose corn syrup, refined flours and starches, and processed foods. I think for most people anything over 80 grams of carbohydrates a day – roughly three servings – is a terrible idea, yet Americans routinely eat three or four or even five times that. (By the way, I’m talking about carbohydrates from flours and starches, not nuts, fruits and vegetables! Eat those recklessly!)

There’s no reason any child or adult – excluding athletes – needs to ever drink a “sports beverage” or an “energy drink”. These things are basically a pancreatic panic attack waiting to happen. Juice gets a bill of health because we all know fruit is healthy, but juice is not fruit. The truth is that juice is virtually no different from these other sugary drinks.

taken from

as far as insulin goes, when we have a flood of sugars, (doesn't matter if it's the sugar from fruit or a mars bar, your body can't tell the difference), into our system, it gets stored in our muscles and liver as glycogen.

"seeing as we can only store so much, the remaining glycogen that isn't used, gets converted into triglycerides in the liver and sent to fat cells for storage"

taken from mark sissons book, primal blueprint.

our founder, sarah tanner, wrote a piece along these lines a while back on her previous blog, STIL, chatting about the difference between juices and smoothies which you can read by clicking here.

another health guru we admire, kimberly snyder, treats green smoothies like her religion. she has some sound words on her signature glowing green smoothie...

I’m a huge fan of the Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS). It’s my own recipe of course, but I do really love it. I drink it daily, and have all my clients drink it daily. It’s packed with so many nutrients, enzymes, and fiber. That’s why it’s the cornerstone of my Beauty Detox System, as well as my signature drink.

One question people often ask, however, is how the GGS compares to juice and juicing. After all, when you juice fresh fruits and vegetables, the nutrition and enzymes are still there easily made with a vitamix blender. The secret to the GGS, however, and why I feel it is nutritionally superior to juice can be summed up in one word: fiber. 32 ounces of the GGS has around 12 g of fiber. That’s around the amount (or less!) that the average American gets in a whole day.

When you juice fruits or vegetables, what you are left with is NOT a whole food anymore. Nature grows fruits and veggie with its juice and fiber intact. So while fresh juices are still beneficial, it is important to note that when you consume a juice you are not eating a whole food anymore; the produce has been processed. If you only drink green juice and never the GGS, you are sorely missing out on removing the fiber, which is incredibly important. Sure you can get some fiber from other plant foods you eat later in the day, but why remove it it in the first place? I want as much as I can get! Fiber is 0 calories, and adds roughage to cleanse digestive tract and also helps you feel more full. Most all of us would benefit from increasing our fiber consumption.

Let’s look at all of the reasons fiber is so important in the diet...if you want to read more from kimberly, click here.

sooooo, we blend instead of juice to ensure that we get all the fibre from the organic produce, (don't even get us started on drinking juice that isn't organic...concentrated levels of herbicides and pesticides anyone?!) and essential fats, like nuts and seeds, as well as plant protein to top it off.

your body takes longer to digest and process our smoothies, or organic wholefood blends, which means that any natural sugars from the produce and superfoods has an opportunity to be used as energy before it has a chance to hit the bloodstream. you stay fuller longer, and you don't crash and burn with crazy insulin spikes.

with no fibre, fat or protein, the sugars from juices are thrust into your bloodstream at warp speed, and your body barely has a chance to assimilate the goodness...hence the reason why many people gain weight super quick after they've done a juice "detox".

when making healthier choices, we congratulate you, and welcome you to a better way of living. it's a bright and wonderful rabbit hole that we are forever grateful for falling into!

we encourage you to listen to your body, follow your heart, not trends, and join us in our sacred nourishment from skin to soul way of life.

we want to educate and inspire you and we want you to know why we do what we do...and why we blend not juice...other than the occasional wheatgrass shot...sorry, more confusion.

we'll leave it at that x

p.s. if you want to kick-start your health and get GLOing with one of our custom created cleanse packs, click here. not a hangry pang within koo-wee, now that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth.





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