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don't panic it's ORGANIC!

GLOambassador nikki ralston enjoying her naked cleanse!

organic is our passion and one that we are always eager to talk about.

this is the simple reason why…we care just as much about the health of you, our customer, as we do about the health of our business’ bottom line.

for your system to “de-tox”, and perform at an optimum level, the goal is to decrease, remove and eliminate toxin ingestion (which includes negative self talk by the way!), not introduce more!

a non-organic juice cleanse (we class a juice as a fruit and vege combo that has been passed through a juicer, centrifugal or cold press, and had its fat and fiber removed), is like main-lining a bucket of roundup. herbicides, pesticides and insecticides at the concentrated level of a juice, are going to put massive pressure on your liver…the last thing your body will do is detox!

don’t be fooled by the term “organic where possible”. if a company wants to have an organic focus, it is always possible, not just every now and then. and if there is no mention of organic at all in a companies' communications, you can be pretty sure that there is none.

with a GLO cleanse (and all of our wholefood blends), you can be assured that you are not only releasing the very best of organic nutrients into your system, but also vitalizing your mind and heart with high frequency affirmations that each wholefood blend comes with.

to view our organic cleanse packs click here. we are so serious about organics that we are in the process of obtaining our bio-gro organic certification for our cleanse packs.

wisdom brings power and we are all for bringing the power to you!

don’t just take our word for it…we asked our radiant nutritionist partner, jessica giljam-brown for her take on organic…x


“Eating organic food is a top priority for me due to the concerns I have about conventional farming practices. Firstly is the use of pesticides, we are the first generation to be exposed to a life long intake of these chemicals and have no idea about the long term consequences of these chemicals. Studies done to assure the safety of these substances are only carried out for a matter of weeks, it is impossible to assume the long term effects and safety of a pesticide from a short term trial. In time I believe that the increased use of these pesticides will be linked to the increase of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's with certainty. For now I urge you err on the side of caution, and remove yourself from a potential disastrous long term science experiment.


Organic farmers need to use slightly different farming practices than conventional farmers use. Organic farmers work with the land rather than against it and work on putting nutrients back into the soil rather than depleting it year after year. Rotating crops and the use of animal manure is one way in which farmers take care of the soil, this enables the plants grown to be higher in nutrients as the soil contains more nutrients. Healthy soils builds healthy plants, which is important for organic farmers as healthy plants resist diseases and pests better, and have actually shown to be higher in antioxidants — which is one way in which plants resist disease and pests with out pesticides. The presence of high nutrient levels in organic food verses conventional food has been hotly debated over the years, however research has finally proven it to be true. When you eat why wouldn't you choose to nourish yourself with the most nutrient dense option?!


When consuming food in its raw state, like in juices, smoothies and salads, plants are often higher in nutrients as nutrients have not been destroyed by heating. However this also applies to pesticides, heating and cooking can remove some pesticides (but not all), so when eating raw food it is even more important to choose organic. Make organic food a priority when you are eating raw food so that you can be sure you are supplying your body with nutrients and not harming it with non-organic substances.  


Pesticides must be detoxified by the liver, and this puts added stress on an organ that is already busy dealing with caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and environmental toxins that come into the body. Taking steps to increase the amount of organic food you eat will help take a load of your liver, helping to decrease liver associated health problems likes acne, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and high cholesterol.


Try not to be overwhelmed by the prospect of switching to organic food, start small and ease your way into it. Start by choosing to eat at organic cafes like Greenleaf Organics, or by ordering a weekly organic veggie box, take a trip to your local organics store and educate yourself on what is available— you might be surprised by the selection and the price of food (it is not as expensive as people think!) If this is not an option for you, you might like to think about growing some of your own vegetables at home, while the soil will not be strictly organic, home grown food will limit your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. Salad greens, tomatoes, lemons and herbs are all easy to get going in a home garden — especially coming into summer”.



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