GLO immunity shots

GLO immunity shots


ACV is one of the main ingredients in this small but powerful shot. rich in potassium + enzymes it promotes healthy digestion, balances acid/alkaline levels and fights germs. BUT thats not all!! Now in five amazing new flavours:

Turmeric with black pepper

Pineapple with maca + ashwagandha

Lemon with echinacea + oregano oil

Grapefruit with cayenne pepper

Charcoal with lemon + solé 

All GLO immunity shots contain the following organic ingredients ACV (apple cider vinegar), ginger, lemon, maple. To read more information about all the health benefits click on the link:

serving suggestions

If you like it strong then shoot the whole 50mls followed with filtered water. Otherwise dilute 10mls - 20mls of GLO immunity superfood shot into 50mls - 100mls of filtered water and enjoy one to three times daily.