about us

from small beginnings, in october 2014, Sarah Tanner launched greenleaf organics. a home and work organic smoothie delivery business.
with what she intended to just be a little side passion to being a mum, it didn't take long for her to realise that her unique business and product concept was proving popular with many people, from busy corporates to busy mums...she seemed to be able to provide something that customers were looking for. convenient health.
in february 2015, Sarah's brother, and closest buddy mike priddy, and his gorgeous wife, chantel, picked up their lives and kids and moved to auckland, from sydney, to help me take greenleaf organics to the next level.
they found the perfect space, the now location in kingsland, and after many months processing and developing, we opened the roller door at 326 new north road, on wednesday 29th july 2015.
our focus is organic, plant-RICH nourishment, and the most positive thinking possible. each smoothie blend has its own affirmation so our goodness not only works on the health of your body, but also the health of your head. and with the design of our space, we wanted people to feel happy, relaxed, and positively charged all at the same time. 
enjoy our site, and if you visit our store, be sure to say hi! we love nothing more than meeting other passionate GLOsters! for more details about the store click here.
thank you for joining us here at greenleaf organics.
we look forward to taking care of you.
sarah + mike


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a special thanks to sheridan hampton for all her hard work in creating our fantastic packaging design.