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nikki ralston - is a natural teacher who has been working with the human body for over 15 years, her passion for yoga and wellbeing shines through and is infectious to others.

nikki has devised her own 'ralston method' which blends together the best elements of vinyasa, precision alignment and mindfulness teachings. her delightful sense of humour encourages students to reclaim the joy within their practice combined with her understanding of subtle energies delivers a transformative experience. her classes are strong yet grounded, empowering her students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

the owner of urban ashram in auckland, lululemon ambassador, mother and wellness powerhouse.

off the mat you will usually find her flipping handstands at the beach with her delightful daughter, "I believe that we are all born to shine bright as children do, as we let go of our fears and step into our light, we inspire others to do the same"

"I live a very full life, balancing all  the important elements is always a challenge, I usually start the day with a nutrient packed smoothie that keeps me charged up all morning.  I'm always on the fly so between classes and private clients an afternoon smoothie is my go to as well.  what we eat has such an impact on the tissues in our body and our emotions, I'm on a mission to empower people with tools to live a happier healthier more fulfilled lives."

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emma mildon

also known as the spiritual personal assistant or PA for the soul, is an international columnist, speaker, author, and spiritualist. as a world traveller, she has sought out medicine men, healers, physicists, authors, and artists to explore spirituality, channelling, and healing, and has explored everything from meditation, yoga, regression, energy healing and life coaching.

through it all, emma has connected with like-minded soul searchers across the globe and aims to provide fun spiritual wisdom to her generation. her online spiritual hub and app hosts resources to fuel soul searching, offering books, beats, videos and products to help you on your spiritual journey. her book, the soul searchers handbook ( ), is available on pre-sale now and available at all good bookstores from november 2015.

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michelle halford - is an inspirational blogger on the design chaser. she is crazy about interiors, design, and all things scandinavian. an early addiction to magazines, and a background in publishing led to the start of her blog, a place to share findings, thoughts and all that inspires. 

 michelle writes about great design from new zealand and around the world, mostly in the area of interiors. regular features include interior styling, inspiring homes and interviews. she also shares her ongoing interior styling work of her new home build, that she shares with her husband and two young sons. their home has been featured in Adore Home Magazine, australia and Homestyle Magazine, new zealand. 

michelle has contributed to and been interviewed by several blogs and magazines, both in nz and abroad, and writes for public relations. she also runs an interior consultancy service, offering both commercial product and residential styling for local and international clients. 

michelle is very active on pinterest (being named as a "pinner to follow" by the huffington post) and she loves curating moodboards. 

"as well as keeping active, I'm conscious of fueling my body to ensure I stay healthy and focused, especially with such a busy lifestyle. I love organic produce, and smoothies are perfect for when I'm the go".

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milly nolan - owner of uber stylish online wedding gift registry and gift store, mildred&co, milly is one busy lady. when she's not browsing the globe for the latest items to add to her beautiful online offerings, she's enjoying the outdoors and a full social life with friends. 

a journalist and beauty editor in her past professional life, milly decided to follow her dream in owning her own business and creating a one-stop-shop wedding gift registry. the business and its wares are often featured in many of new zealand's top publications.

milly loves yoga and pilates to keep in shape, and knows the importance of looking after herself to be able to stay in peak condition for her busy personal and professional life.

 "apart from the fact that they taste delicious, I love the way that smoothies pack such a nutritional punch in one hit, which is especially good for someone like me who is always flying from one thing to the next!"  

photo credit - moochi

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claire robbie 

this yogamama runs jack & olive retreats; healthy, adventurous surf + yoga focused getaways around the world, and of course, here in new zealand. a former news reporter, claire’s life turned 180 degrees when she moved to los angeles and discovered yoga. she trained with some of LA’s finest instructors and now back home in NZ, teaches at leading studios around auckland. 

as a busy mum of toddler jack jozef, she sees the importance of leading by example in encouraging her son towards a healthy, happy lifestyle. first and foremost she emphasizes that health starts from the inside and radiates out. how you think, treat yourself and what you put in your body are crucial to keeping your mind, body and spirit balanced. 


"real food is so important! and smoothies are an efficient and yummy way to get a whole bunch of nutrition, most importantly (for a new mum) they're quick! organic is always my first choice whenever possible as each time we chose to buy 'organic' we're making a decision to support more sustainable and environmentally helpful choices. not just healthy for the body but for the planet!”  


to join claire and other incredible yoga and wellness professionals on one of jack & olives retreats, click here.


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