GLO guide to cleansing

before your GLO cleanse

if you are doing our one day cleanse, start your prep for a full day the day before commencing. if you are doing our two day cleanse, get into prep mode for two full days before starting.

to do this, we recommend gradually reducing and eliminating coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, wheat, dairy and processed foods. the goal is to give your system a "cleanse" not a total shock. the more you can stick to this plan, the better, and more enjoyable your results will be. coffee is often the most difficult, and can give you a withdrawal headache around day 2 if you haven’t taken steps to reduce it. our advice for a smooth withdrawal is to halve your intake each day beginning at least 3 days prior.

stick to whole foods like quinoa, fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, nuts and seeds and drink plenty of pure, filtered, or better still, artesian water.

don't be a secret cleanser. tell your friends, family and co-workers what you are doing. this way, you won't be expected to chow down on the buttery croissants at the morning meeting. also, it's important you share your intentions so you can gain the support and praise you deserve. don't underestimate the wonderful thing you are doing for yourself and those around you by putting your health and wellness as a top priority. you never know, you might inspire the boss to provide g.o. smoothies at the next meeting instead of those croissants!

we are working on a recipe booklet that can guide you through some delicious meal ideas for pre and post cleansing. for now, please email us for some recipe ideas and include any intolerances or allergens you may have.

lastly, you might like to make some room in your fridge. you are going to need to find a chilled home for anywhere between 7 – 14 glowing smoothies at any one time depending on your chosen length of cleanse. as with all our blends, it's imperative that they are refrigerated as soon as they are delivered.

during your GLO cleanse

we provide a guide for what elixir and smoothie to enjoy at what time. this is based on the cleansing benefits of each blend, the fuel requirements in your day and the digestive processes your amazing system goes through.

both the one day and the two day cleanse starts with our unique sunrise elixir. this is a 50ml mix of organic cold-pressed lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar and organic cayenne pepper. don't be tempted to skip this little power shot as it really sets your system up for the day ahead. we are very firm that you have this first thing in the morning, mixed with around 150 mls of warm boiled water, before you start enjoying any of the smoothies. to follow from there, you will continue your day with the remaining blends that we hope you love as much as we do.

you will be given a step-by-step instruction card with your order to let you know what time to have each blend.

    extra things to keep in mind

                    keep up your water intake. whilst we provide the super hydrating ocean blend in your cleanse, as well as the detox tea, you will need to add extra water to drink throughout the day. pure, filtered water is the best assistant to any cleanse as it helps flush toxins from the body and keep energy levels high.

                    we know our blends are extremely delicious, however, don't forget to "chew" your g.o. smoothie. by this we mean, rolling it around in your mouth a little before swallowing as this sends a magic message to your brain to release precious digestive enzymes that help in the absorption and assimilation of all the goodies you are sending into your body. don't be tempted to rush either, relish each and every mouthful, being mindful of the good you are doing for yourself. even better, repeat each blends' unique affirmation while you sip your way to g.o. utopia.

                    keep your schedule relatively free. try not to cleanse when you have a deadline to meet, a marathon to run or a school play to organise. it's important to us that your focus is on your health and wellness. this delivers far greater results and benefits. if your life is way too hectic to even consider a notion like this, at the very least, try to have a small window of quiet, alone time when you enjoy each blend...whilst repeating your affirmations. 

                    after your GLO cleanse

                    you've done it! congratulations! you have taken a very positive step in the right direction...and we want you to keep on this path.

                    after you've finished patting yourself on the back and gazing in the mirror at your glowing skin and brighter eyes, it's important to have some follow through.

                    as in the pre cleanse phase, the goal is to keep the body and mind cleansed, not shocked. stock your fridge with whole foods and follow a nourishing meal plan for at least one day after you have finished your cleanse.

                    try warming vege soups, fresh, crisp salads and comforting, energising dishes with quinoa and brown rice. 

                    if you can't go without your coffee for another day, just start with one a day. likewise with alcohol, sugars and processed foods, start off slowly. ideally, you will feel so revitalised and energised from the g.o. goodness that you won't be tempted to venture down that slippery slope again! if not, we are always here to get you back on the sacred nourishment track.

                    keep up your affirmations and positive self-talk. hold on to your little g.o. neck tags with their pearls of positivity and keep them in places you'll see. your handbag, your desk, the mirror, the dashboard, or the fridge! remember, ultimate health, wellness and happiness is not just what food you eat and liquids you drink. it is the thoughts you think and how you feed your mind. nourish don't punish.

                    lastly, we would love to know what you thought of your GLO cleanse! send us an email with your comments, suggestions or questions to 


                    if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a compromised immune system, or under 18 years of age, we do not recommend undertaking a cleanse of any kind. please chat to your health professional if you have any doubts as to whether you should cleanse.