nutritionist partner

introducing the vibrant and passionate jessica giljam-brown, our GLO nutritionist partner

jessica giljam-brown is a qualified nutritionist and takes a holistic approach to achieving complete health and wellness through nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. she has spent almost two years working for women's health expert, dr libby weaver, and seeing private patients. her passion is educating people on how amazing their bodies are designed to feel when powered by the right nutrients. she can help with issues such as; weight loss, digestive issues (IBS and bacterial overgrowth), diabetes, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, skin problems like acne and eczema, and can give nutrition advice and guidance for pregnancy and fertility. 

“I am passionate about holistic nutrition because everyday I see the power of what good nutrition can do, it has the ability to treat so many common health issues, restore energy and vitality, and lift a persons mood and outlook on life. I truly believe that a well nourished body can completely change a persons life.” 


contact jess for private appointments on the following links...

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phone - +64 211124264 

facebook - wellnessbyjessicaofficial

instagram - @wellnessbyjessica