events + catering

events + catering

planning a p.r. event? kids party? yoga workshop, special occasion or work function?

get in touch with us and we can customise your catering pack with organic whole-food smoothies as well as a special selection of raw treats and food. we can arrange tastings in-store or come to you.

please keep in mind that we require at least 1 week notice for large orders. 

request a quote by emailing us on


workplace packs

happy, healthy workers make for higher productivity! 

SWITCHEL for a corporate event?

you can view all the benefits of Switchel on the shopping pg and we can organise these at a wholesale price for quantities above 24 units. if you have a special event that you want to WOW your guests then ask about our raw Switchel tonics!

increase the energy frequency for you and your co-workers by getting greenleaf organics dropped straight to your desk, or counter, or wherever it is you do your work magic from.

all you need to do is, get a group of you together, select a minimum of 4 blends and we will take care of the rest. perfect for small meetings, health days or when you feel like an extra bit of sparkle in the office.

email us at with all your details and we will provide you with a quote.


potential allergens - whilst all our blends are dairy, wheat and gluten free, please note that most of the blends contain nuts and they are produced in a commercial kitchen that is not certified gluten free, so if you have a child that has allergies to any of these listed, or you yourself has allergies to any of these listed, we advise you not to consume our products.