package options

events + catering

planning a p.r. event? kids party? yoga workshop, special occasion or work function?

get in touch with us and we can send out our events and catering pack which includes package details of our organic wholefood smoothies as well as a special selection of raw treats and food. we can arrange tastings in-store or come to you.

please keep in mind that we require at least 1 week notice for large orders. 

request an info pack by emailing us on


venue hire

we have a beautiful, industrial space, located right by the city on new north road.

perfect for product launches, birthday parties, yoga / retreat workshops, talks, and so much more!

we can provide catering and staff, easily seat up to 30 people for sit down dinner, or up to 60 for talks and casual events, plus a stunning courtyard for pre and post meal swanning!

contact for more information.


cleanse packs

we have one and two day cleanse packages available. they have been created to assist in getting your body and mind back on track.
because our cleanse is packed with fibre, essential fats and loads of energy giving superfoods, you don't need to feel deprived as you might do on an all-juice cleanse. this also means that your body is flooded with anti-ageing and beautifying phytochemicals, which are largely concentrated in the skins and seeds of many foods, and these precious goodies get thrown out in juices, but not smoothies!
for the best, maintainable results, we recommend regular, short system resets, rather than lengthy, and often agonising, cleanses that are done on a less frequent basis. in fact, some medical and naturopathic professionals recommend cleansing "little and often" for long-term benefits, which is why one or two days, enjoyed twice a month, or more, is the secret to cleanse success.
to find out more about our GLO cleanse system, you can have a read of our cleanse guide by clicking here, or to start selecting your cleanse, you can be re-directed to our shop, by clicking here.
we also have a totally unique option of a "sip til six" mini cleanse. this is great for guys and those with a busy social life that eat-out often at night.
to view and purchase a sip til six mini cleanse, click here.
because we want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of pampering the body, we have recently introduced our fit cleanse and our naked cleanse. check out our GLOcleanse page for details by clicking here.
if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a compromised immune system, or under 18 years of age, we do not recommend undertaking a cleanse of any kind. please chat to your health professional if you have any doubts as to whether you should cleanse.

workplace packs

happy, healthy workers make for higher productivity! 

increase the energy frequency for you and your co-workers by getting greenleaf organics dropped straight to your desk, or counter, or wherever it is you do your work magic from.

all you need to do is, get a group of you together, select a minimum of 4 blends and we will take care of the rest. perfect for small meetings, health days or when you feel like an extra bit of sparkle in the office.

to start selecting your workplace pack, you can be taken to our shop by clicking here.

workplace package option all done for you coming soon!

the liquid lunch just took on a whole new meaning.

family packs 

we believe the whole family should be able to enjoy the very best of health and wellness, however, we realise that life is super-busy, and it's not always a reality. this is the exact reason that sarah, our founder, was very adamant that kids were to be an integral part of greenleaf organics.

with a daughter of her own, stella, sarah knows the importance, (and difficulties), of getting our young ones excited about eating nourishing foods. often it's about getting maximum nutrition down in minimum time, and GLO smoothies are the perfect solution...for the whole family.

to cater for the little ones, we have created a special 250ml size option as well as the 500ml size to keep mums, dads and carers happy and healthy.

to purchase a family pack, click here.

kids packs 

for our carefully chosen kids selection pack, click here.

potential allergens - whilst all our blends are dairy, wheat and gluten free, please note that most of the blends contain nuts and they are produced in a commercial kitchen that is not certified gluten free, so if you have a child that has allergies to any of these listed, or you yourself has allergies to any of these listed, we advise you not to consume our products.