sip til six mini cleanse



for those that want a day-time cleanse, with the pleasure of a meal at the end of the day.

a full day of cleansing is not for everybody, so we've created our unique option of sip til six.

you enjoy all the benefits of cleansing throughout the day, and then can join the rest of the world at dinner time with a meal.

perfect for a refresher to one of our full day cleanse packages, as a maintenance option to keep you GLOing.

also an ideal "dip of the toe" for cleansing virgins, especially guys, who can't part with their steak, (organic of course) at night.

great if you have a full social life where you are out most evenings, and sipping a smoothie, albeit divine, just won't cut it. 

in your sip til six package you will receive either 1 or 2 of the following, depending on your choice of the one or two day options,

  • 50ml sunrise - 7am
  • 500ml jade - 7:30am
  • 500ml amethyst - 10:30am
  • 500ml enlighten - 1pm
  • 500ml acorn - 4pm
  • unique power affirmations to heighten your whole body health

I have now completed the sip til six a second time and I truly love this cleanse.  I have tried other brands of cleanses before but never liked the taste or their long duration and felt hungry (and miserable) the whole time.

the sip til six has its delish blend of organic wholefoods that kept me going and I never felt hungry.  I am a busy working mum of two and this is a great cleanse to get back on track and enjoy a nice healthy dinner at the end of the day.

sacha, herne bay

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