dailyGLO digestion protection 6 pack



your tummy is your power-house of wellness. this is tummy treats to the max.


due to popular demand and countless requests, we bring you a week supply of our digestion protection shots.

it is said that up to 80% of our vibrant wellness, starts with a healthy gut and digestive system. 

if you experience any of the following symptoms, your tummy might be a little out of whack...

  • bloating
  • gas
  • congested skin
  • fatigue
  • low immunity
  • a general feeling of "blah"

digestive protection might just be your solution. with coconut kefir and aloe vera, you have a super-efficient combo of probiotics and healthy bacteria, as well as soothing agents to get your tummy in top-notch condition.

essential for during and after antibiotic use.

digestion protection ingredients - coconut kefir, aloe vera juice, organic coconut water.

have one shot, once a day and be prepared for your pants to breathe a sigh of relief for the lack of button strain. phew.

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