greenleaf organics cleanse

greenleaf organics cleanse


specifically designed with the active wellness warrior in mind. here at greenleaf organics we believe cleansing or detoxing is not about depriving your body of anything, it's about nourishing it with everything nature has to offer. if you just need to re-set, give your body a break or feed it loads of nourishing nutrients then this is the cleanse for you.

the greenleaf organics cleanse is ideal for those that want all the benefits of a clean, lean detox, but don't want to sacrifice their vital muscle feeding protein hits.

the greenleaf organics cleanse is perfect for,

  • health fanatics
  • quick nutrient fix
  • weight loss warriors
  • paleo devotees

in your greenleaf organics cleanse you will receive either 1 or 2 of the following, depending on your choice of a one or two day cleanse option,

  • GLOimmunity shot 50ml - drink upon waking at around 7am or mix into cold or warm water.
  • ocean - 500ml - sip throughout the day for hydration and digestion or swap for space to enhance your detox. just leave a note at the checkout. click here to see space.
  • fern - 500ml - enjoy at around 7:30am.
  • lotus - 500ml - enjoy at around 10:30am.
  • bodhi - 500ml - enjoy at around 1:30pm.
  • enlighten - 500ml - enjoy at around 4pm.
  • sunset - 500ml - enjoy at around 7pm.
  • organic detox tea bag-  to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it during the day, we recommend in the morning to assist in your cleansing.


the times above that we recommend having your superfoods and smoothies are purely a guide. if you work night shifts or have irregular sleeping patterns, all we say to stick to, is around a 3 hourly gap between each superfood and smoothie.


if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a compromised immune system, or under 18 years of age, we do not recommend undertaking a cleanse of any kind. please chat to your health professional if you have any doubts as to whether you should cleanse.

  • if you prefer to have organic stevia instead of organic dates, please leave a note at the checkout.
  • if you do not wish to have straws sent with your order, please leave a note at the checkout.