shine grain-free muesli



the most delight you can fit in a bowl!


chia seeds*

sesame seeds*

bee pollen*

shredded coconut*


sunflower seeds*

ground almonds*


raw cacao powder*

pumpkin seeds*




ground ginger*.

*certified organic

potential allergens - contains nuts and bee pollen

steps for use as a bircher - simply fill to near the top of the jar (for the single serve portion), with our COCOmilk pure or COCOmilk bala (or any other choice of milk) and stir through. enjoy straight away for a crunchier experience or place the lid back on and refrigerate overnight for a genuine bircher. for the multi serve jar, simply scoop out your desired amount and place into a jar or bowl and follow the same instructions. the chia seeds soak up a lot of liquid, so if you are going for the overnight soak, you will need roughly one part shine to 1.5 - 2 parts milk.

shine affirmation - my life is bountiful and beautiful in every way.


if you don't wish to have the bee pollen added, please leave a note at the checkout.

the single serve will come with a sustainable wooden spoon for your convenience. please leave a note at the checkout if you prefer your order without.

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