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activated charcoal**

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**activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifier making it very effective in assisting with the removal of toxins from the intestinal tract. so effective, that we do not recommend taking it 30 minutes either side of antibiotics or prescription medicine as it can flush the chemicals from the body therefore reducing their absorption.


what is activated charcoal?

activated charcoal is an amorphpus form of carbon that is made by heating materials such as vegetables and coconut shells, and is well known for its absorptive capacity. activated charcoal is made using a heating process in an oxygen-free environment. this ensures that no free-radicals are made in the process.

charcoal is like a "rigid sponge" because its surface area is ideal for soaking up and absorbing many differnet substances. the carbon particles in activated charcoal have an especially large surface area, which gives it its renowned absorptive capacity.

why use activated charcoal?

• assistance with bloating and gassiness

• maintain healthy bowel function

• support the body's detoxifying processes

charcoal is regarded as a non-toxic general-purpose antidote, has been enjoyed for hundreds of years in asian cultures and is used to absorb harmful materials from the intestinal tract. charcoal can be beneficial in supporting the body's detoxifying processes, and it supports the digestive system to minimise feelings of bloatedness and gassiness. 

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