stellar banana GLOball pre-mix



become a raw treat master with our fail-proof genius jar!

if you love making bliss balls, or have always wanted to, but have never known where to start, then this clever little number is for you!

calling all banana lovers! kids go crazy for these too.




dried banana*




raw cacao*

himalayan salt*

*certified organic

potential allergens - contains nuts


each jar comes with a full instructions card and makes approx 24-27 balls

1. soak dates and banana for 15 minutes in hot water

2. throw all the remaining ingredients into a food processor and blitz until all combined

3. add the soaked dates and banana, one at a time, and keep processing until a delicious, sticky dough forms

4. roll baby roll!

pop into the fridge to set or freezer and then roll through your fave topping. we love chia seeds, cacao, desiccated coconut or freeze dried berries.

makes a dreamy gift too!

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