the GLOmaker body scrub



get your GLO on with this dewy skin creator!

100% organic beautifying ingredients that will leave you with the dreamy, glowing skin everyone wants.

organic rose that is said to help reduce inflammation, organic coconut oil that will moisturise as well as gift the bonus of antibacterial properties, and organic, fair trade cane sugar that will buff and polish you like the most precious temple on the planet.

the perfect partner to your cleanse days as exfoliation helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body. ideal for in-between fake tan applications to keep skin looking even and dewy.


organic fair trade cane sugar

organic rose petals

organic coconut oil

instructions for use

  1. scoop out enough for the area you are exfoliating, best in the bath or shower when your skin is damp.
  2. gently rub into your skin in circular motions in a direction up to your heart.
  3. rinse off and pat skin dry.
  4. relish in the GLO!

can be shipped throughout new zealand.

not recommended for the face or for children.

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